Learning How To Play The A Chord On Guitar

The A major chord is among the most popular chords found in many guitar songs, appearing in hundreds of songs in each genre. This chord type appears in popular rock, blues, pop, and classical music, as well as being a mainstay in country music. Here is a short list of songs which use the A major chord:

How To Play The A Chord

Purple Haze by The Who – “Cocaine” Another song which uses the A major chord, this time with the addition of a seventh string. The song is about someone who is “high as a kite” and “flying through the night.” This is an example of using a minor or major chord, performed with the right hand. This lesson will show you how to play the a chord, using your left hand – just remember to keep your fingers straight, even though you may be bending the strings!

Horse With No Name by Enya – “Horse With No Name” This is another song from Enya’s self-titled album. If you’re familiar with this band, they use a lot of guitar tricks, and this song is no exception. Instead of a series of chords, this song uses all three chords at the same time, played with the right hand. It starts out with the E minor chord, then quickly move to the D major and finally ending with an A minor.

Imagine by Radiohead – “Creep” Here, we start off the song with an E minor chord, which then quickly move to the G major. By the end of the song, we move to the D major, and finish by using the A minor. This is an easy chord progression, and you’ll find that the song flows well when you are able to play these chords with your fingers seamlessly. By doing so, you will be able to play almost all of Radiohead’s songs.

From left to right, this list has been listed in order of ease of playing the a chord on guitar. For most songs, you should be able to easily learn how to play the a chord using these easy ways to play guitar chords. As your skills progress, you can start to learn harder chords, but for now, these are the ones you need to get by with. As you continue to learn how to play guitar, you can start learning other types of chords as well.

Keep in mind that you should always hold the first, second and third finger of each hand flat, while pressing down on the strings with your thumb and index finger simultaneously. This will give you greater control over the chord that you are playing. While you are playing a chord, keep your fingers from moving away from the fret you are placing down with your thumb and index finger. While strumming you chord at the same time, make sure that your fingers are locked together.